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Our History

St. Mary's General Hospital: A Brief History

The city of Passaic, New Jersey was once home to three hospitals. Though comprehensive in their medical services, each had its own specialty. The General Hospital Center at Passaic was renowned for its Cardiac Services and for pioneering the first open heart surgery in the state; Passaic Beth Israel (PBI) Hospital was a respected center of excellence in the field of Oncology; and St. Mary's General Hospital was lauded for its Maternal-Child and Behavioral Health Programs.

The healthcare landscape changed, so did these three separate Institutions. In 2000, the Atlantic Health System purchased the Passaic General Hospital. Atlantic Health System sold the Passaic General Hospital in 2004 to Passaic Beth Israel Hospital (PBI) which renamed the newly-formed hospital "PBI Regional Medical Center."

Due to a variety of unfortunate circumstances, PBI Regional was forced to declare bankruptcy in early 2007. The community and political representatives advocated and petitioned the State of New Jersey to consolidate all operations under St. Mary's General Hospital and acquire PBI Regional Medical Center.

In March of 2007, St. Mary's combined the staffs of all three hospitals into one team under the corporate umbrella of St. Mary's General Hospital. The new entity is located at the 350 Boulevard campus of the prior PBI Regional Medical Center and provides the services of all three hospitals. The consolidated St. Mary's General Hospital has the experience of three respected medical and nursing staffs to provide the healthcare services to the surrounding communities of the prior three hospitals. Passaic's three hospitals - each deeply committed to the community - are now all united under the St. Mary's General Hospital banner.