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For Our Orthodox Jewish Patients

Meeting the Special Needs of Our Orthodox Jewish Patients

St. Mary's General Hospital proudly provides services and facilities to meet the needs of patients and visitors from the Orthodox Jewish community. Our team members will make every effort to ensure that your stay with us is both a comfortable and positive one.

Kosher Food

Nutrition Care Services offers a complete breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu of kosher foods which comply with Jewish dietary laws. Simply ask your nurse or the representative from Nutrition Care, and you will be given a menu from which to choose. If you have special needs not addressed by the menu, please call 973-365-4339 and the food and nutrition staff will be happy to assist you. Additionally, Café Maria, located in the Hospital’s second floor, provides delicious Kosher meals for visitors delivered directly from Main Ingredient in Passaic, NJ, under the Hashgacha of the PCK - Passaic-Clifton Kashrus.

Shabbos Candles

We understand your obligation for Hadlakas Neiros Shabbos – the lighting of Shabbos Candles. However, because of fire regulations, candles are not permitted in the hospital. We have made arrangements with Bikur Cholim of Passaic-Clifton for Electric Shabbos Candles, which are available in the Shabbos Room or by contacting Racquel Houpt of the Bikur Cholim of Passaic-Clifton at 917-816-1868.

Hatzolah Ambulance

St. Mary's General works closely with Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton to assure the safe and immediate transfer of Orthodox Jewish patients to and from the hospital, even on the Shabbos. Our medical staff are trained in respecting Shabbos rules and will work with patients and caregivers effectively to provide the highest level of medical care.

Entering and Exiting the Hospital on the Sabbath and Holidays

On Shabbos and Yom Tovim, patients and visitors may enter St. Mary's General Hospital through the main lobby. A security guard or receptionist will be available to activate the electrical door. Once inside, signs for the Sabbath Path are clearly displayed and will guide you throughout the building. In addition, there is a dedicated "Sabbath Elevator" in the main lobby that automatically stops on every floor, running continuously from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown.

Shabbos Room

St. Mary's General provides a Shabbos Room to accommodate orthodox family members during a patient's stay which includes 2 twin beds, private bathroom, electric candelabra, Sidurim, a table and chairs, a pantry stocked with drinks and snacks, and a small refrigerator stocked with emergency staples like cold cuts, yogurts, and cheese. There is also a hot plate and a hot water urn. For more information, or to reserve the room, please contact Hospital Security or front desk personnel in the main lobby.

Yom Tovim

For special needs during holidays, please contact

For additional information:

  • Rabbi or Chaplain's: 973-365-4495 or Ext. 4495 from within the hospital.
  • Nutrition Care Services: 973-365-4338 or Ext. 4338 from within the hospital.
  • Environmental/Housekeeping: 973-365-4510 or Ext. 4510 from within the hospital.
  • Patient Information: 973-365-4517 or ext. 4517 from within the hospital.
  • Patient Satisfaction: 973-365-4731 or ext. 4731 from within the hospital.