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St. Mary's General Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient care and services on a nondiscriminatory basis. All patients being admitted will receive medical services without regard to age, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preferences, handicap, diagnosis, ability to pay or source of payment. Elective admissions are required to either make payment arrangements or be approved for Charity Care prior to admissions.

When you arrive at the hospital an admitting representative will assist you with the consent forms and verification of your insurance coverage, all of which is necessary for your hospital record. Many insurance companies require pre-admission certification. Please be sure to ask the admitting representative any insurance related questions you may have about your upcoming hospital stay.

You will be given an identification wristband at time of admittance that must be worn at all times. The ID band provides positive identification to all those who serve you and acts as a safeguard for your protection. You will then be taken to your room or directed to the department that is expecting you. Please note that minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.