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Visiting Restrictions

COVID-19 is a novel virus that poses an unprecedented threat to our patients, especially those who are elderly, have underlying medical conditions or have compromised immune systems. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in New Jersey, and the United States, our visitor policy is continually updated and will be strictly enforced.

General Information

  1. All visitors must be 18 years of age or older (except for exceptions approved by the care team).
  2. All visitors must follow requirements on masking, symptom screening and other precautions. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in loss of visiting privileges.
  3. No visiting is allowed for COVID positive and patients with COVID symptoms except circumstances approved by the care team.
  4. No visitors are allowed for those who are immunocompromised, except for circumstances approved by the care team.
  5. No support person under self-quarantine is permitted to visit.
  6. Visitors will be asked to stay in the patient room for the duration of their visit. The use of waiting rooms will be strongly discouraged. In the event a visitor is asked to leave while care is provided, they will be directed to a designated area for the unit.



The front desk will call the charge nurse to confirm if the patient is COVID positive or has COVID symptoms.

5 East & 6 East Patient Units

  • Visiting hours are 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • Two visitors are allowed per patient.

Critical Care Unit

  • Visiting hours are 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Two visitors are allowed per patient.
  • Clergy will be allowed to visit a patient upon the patient’s request. The front desk will call the charge nurse to confirm that the patient has requested the visit.
  • Patients who are on hospice or at the end of life may have four visitors that are unrestricted in the time they are allowed to stay with the patient.
  • One primary caregiver will be allowed to stay with the patient for longer duration.

Maternity/Postpartum Unit

  • Visiting hours are 10:00 a.m. – 8:00p.m.
  • Two visitors are allowed per patient.
  • It will be requested of these visitors to minimize travel to and from the unit and to stay in the patient’s room while here.

Labor & Delivery Unit

  • Designated coach/doula: Two designated coaches/ doula will be allowed for duration of birthparent’s stay with issued wristband. They will be allowed to leave the unit, come back withre-screening and cannot be interchanged.

Outpatient Units

  • Patients with disabilities due to altered mental status, intellectual or cognitive disability, communication barriers, or behavioral concerns can have ONE designated support person visit.
  • A designated support person can be: a family member, a personal care assistant or another disability service provider knowledgeable about the patient’s care.
  • A person who lives out of the area and accompanies the patient for a test of procedure will be allowed to wait in a designated waiting area.
  • Both parents/guardians are permitted to accompany the pediatric patient.

Emergency Department

  • One designated visitor per patient is allowed.
  • Pediatric patients: Two parents or guardians may visit at the same time for the duration of the stay.

Psychiatric Medical Care Unit (6 West)

  • Permission to visit is granted at discretion of care team, including time and duration of visit

Surgery / Procedure Departments

  • Provided social distancing can be accomplished, one visitor until patient is taken into prep.
  • One visitor when patient is in recovery and preparing for discharge for instructions and education.

SpecialtyUnits (EIP, Renal, IM Continuity Clinic):

  • Medical appointments are for out-patients only. There is limited space and social distancing is essential in the waiting area.


  • Exceptions may apply to pediatrics, labor and delivery, end of life, and patients with intellectual, developmental or cognitive impairment including dementia, communication barriers or behavioral concerns

Note: For COVID patients, visitors could facetime with video call and/or personal phone.

Under unusual circumstances, consult Manager during regular hours and HUB during off hours

Please note: Patients could remain COVID positive for extended period of time. Isolation will be discontinued and visitor allowed based on individual assessment from the care team and/or Infectious Disease criteria based on current CDC guidelines.


We understand how difficult this time is for patients and their loved ones. To alleviate the stress of the current limited contact with our patients, we are happy to arrange a video chat, personal phone call, or a medical update by appointment only.
Call our family hotline at 973-594-8011 and we will call you within 24 hours to make the arrangements.