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Senior Care Services

Senior Care Services is an innovative program designed to combine high-quality healthcare with a comprehensive approach tailored for senior patients. Your wellness and comfort are our top priorities. Senior Care is a hospital-wide initiative that focuses on making seniors and their families safe, comfortable, and confident during their stay with us.

Emergency Department

St. Mary’s General Hospital offers a specialized Senior Care Emergency Suite. Patients in the Suite will receive:

  • More privacy in a quieter area
  • Skid/slip-proof foot wear
  • Assistive listening devices for better hearing
  • Complimentary “reader” eye-glasses
  • Large print magazines and health materials
  • Brighter lighting and bigger clocks that are easier to read
  • Freshly warmed blankets

Throughout the Hospital and in our Senior Care Patient Rooms

  • Coordinated care with doctors and nurses trained in elder care
  • Specialists on-call for consultations with primary doctors, patients and families
  • Team members to help with paperwork, answer questions, and more
  • Senior Care Liaison to help with healthcare and living arrangements after discharge
  • Pain management, palliative care, and help with advance directives
  • Specially trained Physical Therapists and Nutritionists
  • Free valet parking

After the Hospital

Our Senior Care Liaison will help you find the right place for your continued recovery. From coordinating extra help back home or moving into another environment, we can help. The Senior Care team can also offer a list of different living and recovery centers such as assisted living facilities or skilled nursing homes, including preferred partners we highly recommend for their excellent quality scores. No matter where you choose to go next, your regular doctor will remain in charge of your care every step of the way — even after you leave the hospital.

St. Mary’s General Hospital is dedicated to improving your health during every stage of your life. Senior Care is a broad-reaching philosophy of care, respect, and comfort for the senior adult patient. From free valet parking and special handrails to state-of-the-art geriatric medicine, the Senior Care Services sets the standard for quality care. Find out more about St. Mary’s General Hospital’s Senior Care Services by calling 833-SR-CARES (833-772-2737). St. Mary’s General Hospital is a State Designated Heart & Stroke Center